Guide for Inventio.IT's Hosted Desktop - Windows

If you do not already have the Citrix Receiver client installed, you will have to download and install it.

You can download the newest client from our website: and select ”Lokal Citrix klient”.

After the installation of the client, you should proceed with the below mentioned provided you have a firewall from Inventio.IT, if not close the Citrix window by clicking ”Finish”, and continue with the step ” Login from home”.

The following only applies if you have a firewall that has been configured by Inventio.IT: When the client has finished installing, click ”Add Account”, in the field ”Enter your work email or server address:” enter the following server address:

The login window; login with the provided credentials for Hosted Desktop for the user of the PC. On the page with the text ”Do you want to allow Citrix Receiver…” click “Yes”.

In the Citrix Receiver window click on the + that ”Add your favorite apps” points to, click on ”All Applications” and click on ”(Your company) Hosted Desktop”. Then the Hosted Desktop application will appear in the Citrix receiver window, from where you will be able to start Hosted Desktop by clicking the applicationen.

Login from your office

Right click the Citrix icon citrix.png i Meddelelsesområdet (nederst i højre hjørne af skærmen) og vælg Open.

Login by entering you credentials provided you are promptet for it.

To start Hosted Desktop, click on ”(Your company) Hosted Desktop”.

Login from home

To login from home, you will have to use either SMS login, App login or Token. These are ordered at Inventio.IT.

Open an internet browser, e.g. Internet Explorer and go to, clik on "Hosted Desktop med SMS"

Login with SMS login or SMS token

Enter credentials as shown below.

 SMS token

Click on Log On and enter the code sent to your cellphone by SMS, or the one generated by your SMS token, in the SMS PASSCODE field and click Log On.


Click on the icon (Your company) Hosted Desktop after login, to start Hosted Desktop.

Login with APP login

Same procedure as SMS login, in the SMS PASSCODE field, enter the code generated by the Authenticator app, installed on your smartphone.


You can change your password by logging on the Hosted Desktop, click on the Start Menu in the bottom left corner and choose Windows Security and Change Password.

Contact information

Support e-mail address:
Operational information::
Support phone during Danish workhours: 70 26 98 99 (ask for the Hosting Department)
24/7 phone outside Danish workhours: 70 26 98 95 or 70 26 98 96


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