Setup of Outlook on local PC

The following guide is made on Windows 10 with Outlook 2016, but the procedure is similair across Windows and Outlook versions.

The guide can also be used for setup on a Mac.

Start Outlook, e.g. by opening Start and searching for Outlook.

In the windows that pops-up, click Next >. When asked if you would like to add an Email Accout, mark the Yes tickbox, and click Next >

In the Auto Account Setup window, fill out the boxes with your Email credentials provided by Inventio.IT. Press Next > when you have provided your credentials.

When prompted for login to your email account, enter your password, tick the Remember my credentials box and click OK.
You might need to change the username, in that case click on More choices, then Use a different account, and enter your login credentials there, tick the Remember my credentials box and click OK.

Make sure that all the ticks are green, and click Finish.


Outlook is now set up, and ready to use. If you have any exsisting mail in your account Outlook will begin to sync with our servers, this might take several hours depending on your internet connection and the size of your mailbox.

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