Office 365 - Move to Office 365 from your own Office suite

The following guide is made on Hosted Desktop at Inventio.IT A/S, the procedure is more or less the same accross Windows versions.

This guide is split in to three points:

  1. Removal of old shortcuts

  2. Sign in to Office 365

  3. Creation of new shortcuts


1. Removal of old shortcuts

When you log on to Hosted Desktop, your desktop and taskbar may look like the image below with shortcuts for the old Office suite, which no longer works.

These can be deleted. This is done by right clicking (1) on the shortcut and then clicking on Delete (2).

To remove the shortcut from the taskbar right click on the shortcut (1), and then click on Unpin this program from taskbar (2).


2. Sign in to Office 365

To sign in to Office 365 you have to start an Office application, in this example Word.

Click on Start (1) and then click on All programs (2).

Scroll down to the folder containing the Office applications, in this case Office 2016, click on the folder (1) and then on Microsoft Word (2).

Word will now start up, and display the image below, click on Sign in.

Type in your email address or username (1) and click on Next (2). You login credentials is the same as what you use for Hosted Desktop.

You will now be asked to sign in, type in your credentials (1), tick the box Remember my credentials (2) and click OK (3).

You have now signed in to Office 365, and you will be able to use the Office applications that your license gives access to. 

The following windows may pop up, mark Office Open XML formats (1) and click OK (2).


3. Creation of new shortcuts

There is a couple of different ways to create shortcuts on the desktop and in the taskbar, some of them will be demonstrated here.

The easiest way to do this is to drag the selected program out onto the desktop, or down in the taskbar, as shown below.

Click on Start (1) and then on All programs (2).

Click on the folder with the Office applications (1), click on Microsoft Word (2) while holding down the left mouse button drag (3) Microsoft Word onto the desktop, or down in the taskbar.

To the desktop:

To the taskbar:

You will now have shortcuts for the selected program on both your desktop, and in the taskbar.

If you need support for the above mentioned, contact information can be found thorugh this link: Inventio.IT Support

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