Setup of Default Apps

The following guide is made for Cloud Desktop, find our guide on how to login here: From a Windows PC

The purpose of this guide is to show how to setup a default app, for an example if you want Google Chrom to be your default browser, or if you wish to make Outlook your default app for Email.

When you are on CLoud Desktop click on Start(1), then on Settings(2) and then Apps(3).

Here, click on Default apps(1), choose what you want to set an default app for, in this example Email, click on the +(2), and then click on the program that you want as default program, here we choose Outlook(3).


Outlook will now be set as your default app for Email.


If you wish to change the default app for Email, simply click on Outlook(1) and choose another app as default, in this example Google Chrome(2).

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